Welcome to Green Retreat.. Your Second Home !!



Green Retreat is located at Kaikamba Gurpur (Mangalore) Just 20 minute drive away from Mangalore International Airport,  1.1 KM from Kaikamba Town Centre, 0.5 KM from Pompei Church, 3 KMS from EPIP (Export Promotion Industrial Park) Ganjimutt.
Our facilities include Luxury and Deluxe room stays, One day picnic, Swimming pool, Conference hall for up to 100 people, Designated area for Rain Dance, Campfire, Barbeque etc.
Be it a Residential Conference, Birthday party, a Sangeet, Mehandi party, Wedding or Family get-together, we accommodate everyone.
Covered with lush green manicured lawns, designated Barbeque areas, designated area for Campfire, a Rain Dance Floor, Green Retreat visitors are guaranteed a memorable relaxing holiday.
For all those Bathroom Singers  - Grab a Mike.. Be a Karaoke Star.. Dazzle your friends with your singing talent at our Karaoke room.
Are you a 'Early Riser'? Wake up to the sound of  birds chirping outside your window, it is like nature itself saying "good morning". Don't be surprised if you find a peacock walking majestically just around the corner! 
Yes folks - it's all happening at the Green Retreat Kaikamba...
Don't you want to get away from the hustles and bustles of the busy city life? Do yourself a favour, take a break...
Come.. Be our guest at the Green Retreat - Your second home!!